Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 356 and Grout

If the garter stitches are bricks then the stockinette stitch is the very very wide grout. Now that I'm winding down and now that I've had the chance to give away a great many of the scarves that I've made, a very real trend emerges (at least among the people that I know and the people that I'm related to).

1) The general public seems to prefer scarves over cowls.
2) The general public prefers very very neutral colors (everything black, brown and grey was the first to go)
3) The general public prefer either extremely simple texture or glitzy furry stuff.

The first and the second might be easily explained as my family and the folks I know take very few fashion risks. The third surprises me very much. I really thought that lush cables and entrelac and lace would be more popular than plain ribbing and garter stitch, but those very plain items were most certainly the first to go followed quickly by the fancy fur novelty things.

I suppose that this is a response to what I've learned. I most certainly want people to enjoy my scarves and if giving them something a little more conservative will give them joy, then that is what I will create. It also makes me appreciate much more the people that I know with more adventurous taste. I feel like I've bonded with them that much more.

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  1. That's awesome Amanda, I'm glad your scarves have found good homes! I've never worn a cowl, but I'm planning to make one soon because I think they are a good idea and sometimes a scarf just gets in the way.

    Nine more days!


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