Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 354 and Addition

I'm getting way down to the end of my stash, the end of my project and if we're being completely honest, the end of my ideas. I'm sure they're in there and there are plenty of them, but pulling them out rapid fire is getting to be a problem.

I think I like many are sometimes folly to the idea that inspiration comes out of thin air. While this is certainly true once in a while, it's much more common to be inspired by an outside source. I've made plenty of items inspired by nature, cities, sports teams, the yarn itself, my geeky interests, other people's patterns (always credited! :D), and goodness knows what else. This time, I thought I'd let experience inspire me.

It's nearing Christmas the traditional gift giving season for Christians and secularists alike and it's a perfect time to unload my stash. As I was organizing my giant pile, I start coming across scarves that I don't even remember making, but surely I mist have because I stored them all together.

Quite a long time ago I made a scarf using rings of T-shirt and used a rectangle of crochet sewed into a tube to hold them all together and prevent them from tangling. Quite a long time later, I made a scarf that was all chained loops and the loops were each attached to the next by one single crochet stitch. By coincidence, I happened to come across them at almost the same time and thought OH! This... plus this.... equals.... THAT! It just goes to show that sometimes you can be your own inspiration and there's nothing wrong with that at all.

oh stuffnfluff, that picture is stinky....

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