Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 346 and Sick Day (formerly Snowballs)

I knew I wouldn't be able to get through the entire year without a scarf made of this particular novelty yarn. It's most commonly called PomPom yarn (Pictured here is Bernat's version of it) and it consists of a woven cord with little fluff balls evenly spaced along the length. I have to admit it was very easy to knit but very difficult to work with in other ways. The only cast on method I could use was the backwards loop and the cast of was amazingly tight and both were because of the even spacing of the poms. Also cutting the cord caused it to unravel terribly dropping each of its pompoms along the way. On the other hand, stockinette stitch didn't curl in the slightest because of the way the poms spread each individual stitch way out. Also it certainly was incredibly soft once made into fabric and it's a look you can't really get any other way.

All in all, it's fine for a decorative scarf, but the loose stitching won't be keeping you warm at all without a lining. Oh well. All in the spirit of the season, no?

In truth, I had made this one a while ago with the intention of using it for the upcoming holiday so I'd be able to spend it stress free with my family. I've renamed it Sick Day for my Kevin who is spending the night in the hospital. I'm very lucky to have had a scarf ready made that I can move up in the line up, but more importantly I'm very grateful to know that he's being taken care of. If you have any healing to spare, send it along. Thanks :(

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