Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 152 and Entrelac

This I can honestly say is my first taste of Entrelac (interlace knitting) and I can with confidence say that I get it... mostly. I couldn't get my end stitches to match what my instructions told me it should be so I had to fudge a bit, but the main bit of knitting was just fine. If you don't like picking up stitches or turning your work A LOT then this probably isn't the technique for you. If however you can knit backwards as well as forward and love lots of increasing a decreasing, then I suspect you'll have quite a lot of fun with entrelac. It seems like the kind of knitting where familiarity begets usefulness. Right now I can't make more than a rectangle, such as for this cowl, but I can see where a little practice will go a long way and you'll hopefully see something a little more impressive later in the year.

One other thing. If you've never tried entrelac (there are lots of videos and tutorials all over the web) my single best piece of advice is this: Don't use more than one color for your first try. I wish I hadn't because there are SOOO many ends to weave in at the end and there are SOOO many ends to get in your way while you're knitting, and there are SOOO many loose untied pieces that you have to hold tension on while turning the triangles and rectangles. If I hadn't given myself this scarf challenge, I would have frogged this first attempt and pouted for a week before trying again (in retrospect, it's kind of funny). Next time I do this technique, I'll surely use a single color just until I feel more secure.

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