Monday, June 20, 2011

Just the FAQs, Ma'am

I'm having a lot of fun with my project this year (when I'm not mildly panicked about meeting the deadlines I set for myself). Whenever anyone has interest, I'm happy to answer questions about what I'm doing. Since a small handful of questions keep coming up over and over, I figure everyone might like to hear the answers to them.

Why are you doing this?
Sometimes asked with skepticism, sometimes curiosity, sometimes enthusiasm. I have a number of reasons that all boil down to me wanting to.
1. I almost never set New Year's goals and this seemed like a challenging yet fun goal to achieve.
2. I often get crafter's block. Since necessity is the mother of invention, with a deadline to meet, I have no choice but to dig the creativity out of me even when I'm not feeling it out on the surface.
3. At the time, I had an embarrassing yarn stash (considering the one bedroom apartment I inhabit), but I'm a bit of a magpie and couldn't dream of getting rid of any of it. Having a huge crafting goal seemed like an excellent way to plow through my pile. (It's working and I'm sure to be stash free by the end of the year)
4. I like to share. If I'm going on an adventure, I want to leave a sign post or two so if someone follows, they won't get lost on their similar journey. Since scarves are a natural first project, a basic first design opportunity, as well as an excellent gift project, my hope is that anyone could borrow an idea they see here either use the provided pattern or design their own scarves.

What are you doing with all the scarves?
1. I'll have all my Christmas crafting done LOOONGGG before the holiday.
2. I do one or two craft shows in the fall and I'll pick out some of the scarves to sell.
3. The biggest chunk of them will certainly go to charity. I usually donate directly to local churches, but I also have a couple red scarves in the collection which would be a perfect fit for the Red Scarf Project which offers scholarships and help for foster children. I expect to do even more charity researching closer to winter when warm clothing donations will be most needed.

Are you really doing one a day?
Yes and no. I'm sharing one a day. Most of the time I have about 5 projects started and I have to work a little bit on each of them every day to meet my goals. Sometimes, I start a scarf and finish the same day. Sometimes I have a day off and can finish more than one so I can have my post ready for the following day as well.

Have more questions? Feel free to ask! I'm on twitter (nerdytogether), ravelry ( nerdytogether), or just leave a comment.

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