Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168 and Hiccoughs

Or Hiccups. However you spell it is fine with me. It's funny how putting a stripe of pattern in the middle of a different pattern draws the attention. You can't avoid looking at it because of the very subtle but unexpected texture change. By the way, have you ever stitched with linen? OH, Let me tell you, I have a new favorite fiber with which to crochet! Crochet is notorious for being too bulky for comfortable wearables. Linen makes anything wearable. Even though this was a yarn that was held double, it's still lighter than air and so breathably comfortable, I expect I could wear this in august without breaking a sweat. I'll definitely be yarn shopping for linen and linen blends for all my summer stitching.

It's a very basic stitch pattern and if you need a chart, it's number 70 in Stitchionary 4. This is an easy one and if you're a very fluent crocheter, you could figure this out on sight. 5 DC, 2 shells, 5 DC every row. You'll have this one memorized after the very first row. Happy Hooking!

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