Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 177 and Hitchhiker

I am superbly bummed out that I didn't have this idea back on day 42 or day 142 or even that I was patient enough to hang on to it until day 242 or 342.

That's right science fiction fans. This is your towel. Don't lose it. If you hang on to it, everyone around you will know that you're a hoopy frood who (because he or she knows where his or her towel is) therefore is unlikely to panic and has a handle on just about any situation.

This was so simple and was made with a very short eyelash or feather yarn held together with two smoother yarns. Traditionally, most towels have near each end the band of fabric which is not fuzzy and often firmer. I mimicked the look by simply switching to three smooth yarns for about three rows and to make it even more distinctly different, I used a slightly lighter color.
Mine was garter stitch and I deliberately made it shorter and wider than most of my scarves to try to make the towel proportion clear.

Here's my recipe!
one ball Bernat Boa (Color A)
70 yrds (60 meters) each of two other yarns of sport weight (mine were mystery stash yarns)
(Colors B and C)
about 6 yards of a lighter colored sport weight yarn (Color D)
Size 35 needles - (The second largest pair I own incidentally)

Cast on 15.
Knit 5 rows with Colors A, B, and C held together. Cut A.
Knit 3 rows with colors B, C, and D held together. Cut D.
Knit about 2.5 feet (3/4 of a meter) with ABC. Cut A.
Knit 3 more rows with BCD. Cut D.
Finish with 5 rows more of ABC.

Couldn't be simpler and is very fast. Now, let's hit the pub and have ourselves a pan galactic gargle-blaster.

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