Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 160 and Tarn

I'm swimming in t-shirts. I really really am. So here's another t-shirt yarn (tarn) creation. This time I took advantage of the fact that each strip was only so long by figuring that each strip could make two rows of seven stitches. Some of the strips were longer than others, so I figured I could just let those be cut short. I opted for the nice clean stockinette stitch and because the beginning of the tarn met the end, I just tied a knot thinking that a slight fringe would be nice.

Well slight fringe ended up not catching my fancy. I placed it on the manny before trimming and thought the really long fringed bits actually looked pretty cool and instead of cutting them all even, I cut them into a wedge with the longest points at the center. They aren't all evenly wedged, but they still look pretty good to me. At the back there were only four long pieces but three were evenly spaced. I cut them such as to have the longest one in the center, two shorter ones flanking and the extra piece was cut to blend in with all the rest.

Yet another piece that I don't think I'm quite hip enough to wear. I better get cool ;)

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