Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 165 and Cassarole

I'm starting to wonder if that "too much of a good thing" idea was just hooey. Here I had a bunch of leftover bits of novelty yarns but they come together quite well. I had between 4 and 6 yarns being held together in basic garter stitch over 8 stitches on size 19 needles, but they always seem to look good together. The trick for this was to get all the yarns as a whole to be kind of close to the same weight. Sometimes I had to drop a mid weight yarn to pick up a bulky one. I was more inclined to use the bulky yarns because as far as leftovers tend to go, they always have the least yardage. Case in point, one of the thin railroad yarns that was a leftover made it all the way from beginning to end!

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