Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180 and Strapping

I don't know from leather, but I do know from i-cord! Knitted i-cord makes for a comfortable leather strapping or leather lacing substitute for wearable items. Wrapped around and around the edge of this circular scarf slash cowl, it gives what would otherwise be a rather boring and far too easy cut scarf and gives it some greatly needed detail. There are just a HUGE number of leather workers out there with tutorials on youtube and picture tutorials on their own websites. It's a great place to get other ideas on how to use actual leather of invent your own softer creations using i cord and fabric. (A word of warning: Make sure your search filter is on it's highest setting. Otherwise you can't search for leather without wading through a river of scantily clad women in bits of leather and nothing else.)

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