Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 164 and Teacher's Mask

Your first project probably wasn't that good looking. I made a practice swatch out of a hideous washed out traffic cone orange and the fiber was a squeaky uncomfortable 20 year old Orlon acrylic. It's a wonder that I kept up with it at all!

In any case, let's say you want to teach someone how to crochet. This unusual mask/cowl has all the basic stitches that a fresh new student would want to know! Naturally you have to chain to start the fabric, then single crochet to get the hang of it. Increase a little bit and decrease so that you can shape for future projects. Use a double crochet stitch for a while to get you started with texture on the fabric. End with a loop style button hole. Separately, practice the magic circle method to demonstrate how to work in rounds and use it as a button to better understand the best places to sew in loose ends.

It's all so basic, but everyone was a beginner at first, right?

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