Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 178 and Giving Up

Do not fear, I have NOT given up my yearlong challenge. I did give up on my planned scarf for today.

I am very happy to have a boyfriend who loves me and cares for me enough to recognize when I would enjoy a gift. He works at our local library and often will come home with withdrawn books as well as new books that he checks out on my behalf. He brought me a very nice crochet pattern dictionary which had a fabulous lace netting stitch with four leaf daisies hooked directly into the net. It had written instructions, a very clear picture, and even a chart.

I consider myself a decent chart reader and it's generally my preferred way to learn a new stitch. I tried for hours to decipher this stitch pattern and though I had words and pictures, I never did get anything that resembled the demonstration swatches. I was defeated. What can I say? It happens to the best of us.

I turned the page and instead did the very next stitch pattern. It's very pretty as well but I'll always know that it was the first time I gave up on a stitch.


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