Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154 and the Structure

I was going one way with this scarf before it took a turn and ended up somewhere else. I'll tell you about what I was originally planning later because it's still a potential future scarf.

I happened to be using a combination of hook and yarn which I noticed had a lot of negative work space despite the weight being a match for the hook size. Something about the structure of the yarn made every single stitch a separate entity. Seeing this, I took an opportunity to use the stitches themselves to stand in for what would otherwise require specific shaping and finishing.

The stitches stood with enough space around them that I began tapering by means of your classic double crochet decrease in order to end with a very clear point. The size and shape and stitch definition made it so I could thread the point of the resulting triangle through the very stitches as if I had designed a keyhole in the first place.

I suppose this is a clear case of the improvised doghouse outshining the heavily planned treehouse. Yes I know that's not a phrase, but I just said it; you're now free to use it!

In case you want to duplicate this scarf the basic recipe is thus: Katia Somoa Yarn and a size K crochet hook. Chain 20 and work 3 rows of double crochet (american). On the fourth row, make a decrease at the end of the row followed by 3 more rows worked even. When you only have 4 stitches, decrease every second row and tie off when only one stitch is left. I expect other woven tape style yarns would give a similar structure. If they're on the thin side, use treble crochets and decrease slightly more often.

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