Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 159 and Patterns

There are thousands upon thousands of written and charted patterns in the world already. I've used a few so far, but it still seems a shame not to do my best to check out a nice wide spectrum of them. This one was from a magazine I bought back in 2004... and sadly it feels like an awfully long time ago. Still, some very basic designs remain quite handsome for a good long time.

The downside to using a pattern is that you have to figure out the mistakes the hard way: by making them and frogging them back out. This pattern had only lines of pattern, but line 2 was very very incorrect. I spotted it pretty early and luckily it was easy to see the problem. If you happen to have a much tougher mistake in your pattern, turn to your peers and the local experts in your knitting group, family, or LYS. There's no shame in asking for a quick revision.

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