Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 275 and Tweed

I love a nice barberpoled yarn (the stuff with plies of vastly different colors so that one color looks like it's a barber pole with the color winding around and around). I think it's the perfect type of yarn to use for a clean lined basic stockinette stitch item. The color lends texture to an otherwise smooth fabric, and you're using it to best advantage since more detailed stitch patterns would be lost in the color variation.

I also noticed that I haven't done hardly any BIG cowls. I'm generally a fan of tightly snugged cowls that mess your hair up when you pull them over your head, but I can see how a bigger cowl that can be twisted slightly and tucked into your coat has its own appeal. I went with a nice basic garter and stockinette squares motif. Basically, work garter stitch along the edges, stockinette int he center and break it up with a horizontal line of stockinette spaced evenly for something handsome and unisex.

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  1. Chunky cowls are great, they work up so fast, and make great gifts.


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