Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 287 and Bites

I'm still not good at colorwork, but when it's in chunks and squares I can handle it. Every color here has a bite of another color taken out of it.

Get ready for a recipe rather than a pattern!

Size M hook
Worsted weight yarn in various colors
Tapestry needle
(American abbreviations)

Chain 12. DC into the 4th and every following chain. (10 stitches, turning chain counts)
*Work 3 rows even. (chain 3, DC into second and every following stitch)
For the fourth row, chain 3, DC into the next 3 stitches. Work the first half of a DC into the next stitch changing color for the final loop. Finish the row in the new color.
Begin the next row in the new color, changing back to the original for the 5th-10th stitches.
Work 3 rows even.*

Repeat between the ** changing colors as you like. If you want to change the side the bite is on, just work 2 rows at the beginning of the block instead of 3.

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