Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 306 and the Scare-ff

It's Halloween! Sooooo Spooooooky! This scarf may look plain white when you're not trying to be scary, but flip it over and BOO! A scary ghost face!

Alright, it's not that scary, but it is really very cute and the face is quirky and not too big so that it's appropriate for adults as well as kids.

I used one big baby blanket sized skein of baby weight (light sport weight) yarn and had a bunch left over.

Set up row: Chain 17, DC into the 4th and every following chain.
Repeat this row over and over: Turn, Chain 3, DC into the second and every following stitch including the turning chain.

It's just plain old double crochet the whole way down except for the little scallops at the end to look like the ghosts sheet flapping in the wind. Do this 3 times on each end: Chain 1, SC into the first stitch, Skip 1, TC 5 times into the next stitch, Skip 1, SC into the next stitch. Omit the Chain 1 fr the following 2 scallops and tie off after the third.

Now you need eyes and a mouth which is done with simple magic circles. Make a loop around your fingers and make 6 Single crochets into the loop. Pull the end tight to close the hole. slip stitch into the beginning sc to close the gap. Chain 1, and make 2 single crochets into each stitch and once again make a slip stitch to close the gap. Make three and sew them onto the scarf for a cute spooky face.


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