Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 288 and Calico

Over here in Ohio, I'm still using up the tribble-like accumulation of acrylic eyelash yarn. Happily some of it is of lovely natural looking colors. If it's going to look furry, I prefer colors that occur in fur.

I was also interesting in crocheting some of it. Fur yarn always amuses when knitted, but often loses the charm in crochet. Knitting isn't nearly as looped up and knotted as crochet is and all those knots trap the lashes and prevent them from fluffing up easily or sometimes at all! Remedy for the situation is to use a larger sized hook, and boy you really have to level that hook up to make a difference. I had to use a size P hook and 3 strands before the fur stayed as fluffy as I liked.

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