Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 305 and Ponchette

Hey look! Kevin did my photo cropping today! He likes to help a little

I remember back when Martha Stewart did jail time. I can't remember why she did, but I do remember the gigantic poncho she wore when she was released. As I recall, a fellow inmate made it for her as a celebration/happy parole gift. Any crocheter who saw it immediately knew how to make one of their own.

Since a poncho isn't a scarf, I made my own smaller scale version. It's just a rough recipe, but if you're not a granny square virgin, it should be easy enough to pick up.

I used a size K hook and worsted weight yarn and used a base of 80 stitches. I did the basic granny stitch 10 times and made a corner. Then I did it again. That was the end of the round. I just repeated until I got a wide enough shape that it made me happy.

As long as you do the basic granny stitch and have only 2 corners rather than the usual 4, you'll end up with a poncho shape instead of a flat motif.

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