Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 280 and PieceNoWork

At a quick glance one might think that this was patched together from various smaller swatches, but what's actually happening here is a very long color self striping yarn being used to trick the eye. Every time the color changed, I also changed the texture. As a result, each color looks very disjointed from the color before and after it.

I held two yarns together here and had to employ some interesting possibly improvised techniques. I lined up the color changes as best I could as I started, but not every change perfectly matched with the changes on the other ball. On these occasions, I pulled the strand that wasn't changing yet forward until it looked as if it would match the other ball. Then with the big loop I just made, I went ahead and kept knitting. Many times I ended up right where i needed to be, placed the final loop on the needles and picked up the yarn from the row below which now matched and continued knitting.

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