Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 300 and Cirrus

It's another milestone day and I named this after a cloud because hitting a milestone puts me on cloud nine! (Yeah, that's right, I brought out the cheese on that one.) This was outrageously easy, but the border gave me a bit of a headache because there seems to be no way to do this without constantly revolving your yarns around each other.

The gist is it's a plain DC stitch cowl with a linking chain border.

Chain 50 with a size P hook and yarn of a matching weight.
Make a ring with a slip stitch to the first chain.

Chain 3, DC in every chain, slip stitch to the 3rd chain at the beginning of the row.
Chain 3, DC in every stitch, slip stitch to the beginning chain to connect the row.

Continue until you have the width that you want (I did 5 rows).

Now pick a contrasting color. You will be working both colors at the same time. Chain 5 in the main color, skip 1 stitch, SC into the next stitch. Remove the hook from the loop and join the second color in the skipped stitch. *Working from behind the previous loop, Chain 5, SC into the first available empty stitch. Again remove the hook, this time pick up the opposite color and repeat from *. You'll have to take time to untangle your yarn balls every few stitches as they will be twisting around each other. I think the result was worth it.

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