Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 296 and Trapped

I've seen plenty of this very clever technique and plenty of ways to execute it as well. I for one am lazy and did it this way:

With my size 11 needles I made an 8 stitch garter strip that was twice as long as the cowl that I wanted. Then I arranged the strip into the shape you see here. It's basically a moebius strip but twisted and doubled. I sewed the doubled area together and the overlapping parts then appear to be trapped in the gap made by the opposite side.

I've also seen this done by making a strip exactly the width you want it, but by splitting both ends and sewing them around each other. Either way there is some sneaky sewing involved. Maybe someday someone will invent a way to do this seamlessly, but it doesn't look like today is the day nor am I the one to do it! Still, I can be happy with what I made and just keep on waiting.

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