Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 297 and Trick or Treat

Just when I think I've dabbled in every technique there is, something new turns up.

This is called interlocking crochet, woven filet, double filet, or double sided crochet among other names, I expect. It's truly fascinating! The idea is that 2 filet crochet meshes are worked at the same time offset in such a way that the crosses of one layer appear through the windows of the other layer. By sometimes working stitches through the mesh of the opposite fabric, interesting patterns can be made. Amazingly, I would call this an advanced beginner technique despite looking so very advanced.

I pulled this pattern stitch from Interlocking Crochet which I think is best called a stitch dictionary just for this technique.

The coolest part is that in this photo you see a grid of orange with black windows, but if you were to turn this scarf over, it would look like an entirely different piece! On the other side, it's a wash of black with orange crosses.

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