Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 301 and Crossed

I'm still having trouble keeping tunisian (afghan) crochet from curling at the edges. I couldn't cure it completely but by stitching the beginning to the end offset so that the edges are connected instead of the ends, I not only had a little bit of help from the dreaded curl, but also had a much larger area in which to place a cross-stitched design.

Kevin has been asking me for a while if he could help with a scarf. Cross-stitching is a hobby of his and this scarf gave him a nice big canvas on which to place a picture. If you've ever played Oregon Trail, you'll recognize this gun toting figure. All around the cowl, there are the poor critters that will be his meal ticket. Leave it to my man to come up with something so quirky. It almost looks like the little hunter is aiming at the wearer for his next capture!

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