Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 292 and Complimentary

Now that it's getting to the end of the year, I sometimes worry that I'm overthinking things. I do so much that is so simple and an equal amount that is so original and unique. I think I glance over the middle ground quite a lot of the time.

So here we are, middle ground. I didn't overlook you hanging out at the center of things! A nice bit of fleece with some holes poked all around the edge for a very easy crochet and chain border. The holes were too far for 1 chain to be enough but too close for 2 chains to lay flat. I went with two and was pleasantly surprised at the faux picot it made. A quick consult with the color wheel gave me a bright but basic complimentary color match.


  1. I really like this one Amanda. My mind is turning towards easy & cheap Christmas gifts now and this one would suit many people, I think.

    When Dan & I got married, his sister Sarah made us each a custom apron. She stitched on our names, and to Dan's she trimmed the outside with what looked like a rope. Mine had crochet edging just like what you've done here. So it's possible I can do this too!

    You must be looking forward to December 31 - or rather - January 1st. You'll have so much time on your hands!

  2. Ha!! You're right!! I'm actually starting to ponder what my next project will be. I'll be sharing thoughts in an upcoming post when I'm just a little closer to my goal :D


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