Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 279 and Plumage

There are a number of novelty yarns out there that are specifically designed to be split rather than knit normally so that the mass of the ribbon/mesh/tape is slightly gathered and free to make a substantial ruffle. Can-Can, Ruffle and Flounce yarns all come to mind. And while I think it's a clever idea, I also think that enough is probably too much. So for my ruffly scarf, I used a little less ruffle and a little more of a similar colored smooth yarn to break up the effect.

The trickiest part was using the right ratio. After a few frogs (and tape yarn frogs very easily by the way) I found that three rows of smooth yarn and one row of ruffle suited me just fine. Since a single row would end the working yarn at the wrong end, I had to work with a circular needle so as to slide the work to the other end to make the working yarn available once again. That was the only real hang up. You could also use a long enough double pointed needle or even a pair of straights as long as you don't mind slipping an entire row every 4th row.

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