Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 62 and the Built In Fringe

This was so easy and so fast, and looks more complicated than it really is!

Plus, I hate putting fringe in at the end of a project. So much cutting and folding and it just doesn't appeal to me. This was an easy way to get it done without any of that fuss.

1 ball Dazzleaire by caron
Size 11 Needles
Tapestry needle

CO 36.
Knit even in garter stitch until you run out of yarn.
Final row: Knit 6, graft the remaining stitches to the first row matching stitch for stitch.
Finishing: Sew in the loos ends. The 6 stitches that were knit in the final row are loose. Pull the stitches out one row at a time. Only the column of 6 stitches will pull out and the rest will remain secure.

Pretty neat how that works, huh?

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