Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 75 and Solomon

Kevin and I got back home around 7 pm and it was just enough time for me to whip up the scarf I was planning for yesterday!

It seems you can find suitable yarn in the darnest places these days. I was shopping at Big Lots (it's an overstock store) and it turns out they have yarns that are specially labeled for them! Lion Brand had a yarn called "Fun" or something of the sort and it was a basic craft yarn. There were also a number of novelty yarns for a very low price. Novelty yarns are nearly always made of some combination of acrylic, rayon, nylon, and other synthetics and these were at the peak of the bell curve with the best of them. I picked out an interesting ribbon yarn called "Gala."

The tough thing about ribbon yarns is not to hide them all folded up in small stitches. This is especially tricky with crochet as the knots really scrunch that yarn up. An excellent stitch pattern with lots of drape and space for the ribbons to remain free and loose is the Solomon's Knot. I've also heard it called the Lover's Knots and the Trellis Stitch. Lots of videos are available on Youtube.

This was made with 8 loops to start and the basic diamond orientation which will create rows of 3 diamonds. One ball of my found yarn made a 6 foot scarf which was plenty long for my taste and since each ball was only a dollar, I was more than happy to foot the bill. On top of this, since the stitch is very lacy and open, it's an ideal stitch pattern for spring and summer.

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  1. I've never knit with ribbon yarn, I'm afraid it would get all bunched up too. Your scarf looks great!


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