Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 79 and Waste Not

I am not a hoarder... but I'm probably pretty darn close. I can't stand tossing all the short pieces of yarn left over after a big project. It just seems like such a waste. Well, I figured, why not use those bits? Using 3 yarns at a time and size 15 needles, I did a basic 1 x 1 rib and when 1 of the 3 yarns ran out, I just tied a knot with another bit of scrap and kept on going.

Since there are so many different colors (in fact, some of the bits are less than a meter long) The little knots happen often enough to look like they belong. For me they are a little marker that says "LOOK! This is the beginning of a new color! Enjoy the new combination!" When I first started, I was really afraid that this would be nothing but ugly, but now that it's finished, I am completely in love with it. I can't even describe how the very random color changes make me squee.

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