Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 85 and B-Ball

I had originally hoped that this would be a more elaborate macrame piece, but since I stuck with easy knots, this ended up being much more laid back. It looks to me like a fresh and new basketball hoop before being installed and turned dingy gray. Happily, this scarf will stay fresh and new looking since I won't be leaving it out in the rain on the playground.

This was very easy to do. I used 6 i-cords and each one was about 3 yards long. In the same alternating pairs method I used for the finger knit scarf not long ago, I made square knots until one of the strands was too short to use. As with most knotting situations, one strand always ran out first and even though they all started the same length, the other strands never seemed to run out at the same time.

Because the cords are so long, this is another good opportunity to use the embellish-knit if you happen to have one. Be sure to use a much thinner yarn than you would normally so that the end scarf has some drape and soft comfort to it.

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