Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 80 and Waste Knot (See what I did there?)

I loved working with my tiny scraps so much I thought I'd make one in crochet. Something interesting that I noticed was how very different they looked. The changes in the knitted version were far more subtle and in the crochet version they became large blocks. The much taller and far fewer double crochet stitches on a size N hook made this a completely different scarf. I do feel however that the mixed colors are more apparent.

In the knit version they blurred together more, but in the crochet version every single color was distinct. In the future if ever I'm concerned about how three colors will look together, I'll grab a giant hook and make a swatch. It will become very clear, very quickly if I'll like the outcome.

Once again, scraps were as small as a meter and I used up quite a lot! The scarf is heavy, thick, and though it's becoming nicer here and I can't really test it out, there's no doubt it's quite warm.

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