Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 82 and the Faux Plaid

I don't know how to weave nor do I have the equipment. Thankfully, I can fake it pretty darn well with certain crochet or knit stitches. In this case I used a very easy crochet stitch and did chain rows vertically to finish.

Stitch pattern:
I used a size I hook and simply soft for the pictured scarf.

Cast on multiples of 2.
Row 1: SC into 4th chain from hook, *ch 1, skip 1 chain, sc into next chain,* repeat to end. Ch 2, turn.
Row 2 and all following rows: *SC into chain space, ch 1* repeat to end, ch 1, turn.
Change colors as often as you like. My stripes were 2, 4, or 6 rows wide, but I changed the widths at random.

Make note that for row 2 the final chain 1 is immediately followed by a chain 1.
With the same hook slip stitch into the fabric for the vertical stripes. Again make as many or as few as you like and space them however you see fit.

Are you kidding me? LOL I finished this whole post last night but never hit the post button. I only noticed because I'm sitting down to make today's (3-24) scarf post. How ridiculous am I?

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