Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 71 and the Keychain

So named because I was inspired by those little leather keychains and their peculiar woven construction.

This was made of many pieces and each piece was cut in the same way. A circle was cut on a fold so that about 3 inches of the circle remained connected at the fold. If you were to open each piece it would look a bit like a sleep mask. Keep it folded and fold it in half again but in the other direction and make a cut in the center. Both layers will have a horizontal slit. Do this for all the pieces you need for as long as you'd like your scarf to be. One layer of the next piece gets threaded through both layers of the piece before it. When you have only one left, cut an additional slender length of fleece. Fold it in half and poke the fold through both layers of the final piece. Thread the loose ends through the loop to secure the final piece.

That was wordy, but some day I intend to take pictures of the step by step because it was a fun and easy scarf to make.

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  1. What an interesting idea! I'd love step by step pictures, it'd be great to see how you made it.


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