Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 66 and Dreads

You have to be a bold and daring person for this crazy number! It looks like the longest dreadfalls you've ever seen!

This is a really quick craft/crochet scarf. It only uses chains so even if you can't crochet, you can make a scarf like this by learning the foundation chain. If you're very patient you can even finger chain and end up with the same result.

You'll need a thick and thin yarn and it's actually pretty important to find a machine made yarn. I love handspun as much as the next yarnhead, but this scarf requires a yarn that has very regular intervals of thin and thick areas.

What you want to do is cut many lengths of the yarn while lining up the slubs. Lay all the pieces side by side and use a contrasting or coordinating smooth yarn to make a chain. For every single chain that you make you must catch one strand of yarn in the back bump of the stitch. Do this until you've caught all the strands one at a time. Move on to the next section of thin segments and make another chain. Once you've done this for all the thin spots, you can go back and make more chains in the same segments until you're happy with the look. I did 3 chains in each segment and left my ends to hang as a design choice. If you want you can always weave your ends back into the chain for a marginally tidier scarf.

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