Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 67 and the Poppy Chain

Spring is being fickle here in Ohio. It will look like it's ready to be warm and inviting one day and then snowstorm the very next. This scarf is a hope and a prayer that spring will finally make up its mind and decide to happen!

I used one ball of patons "grace," a size F crochet hook, and my favorite 8 petaled flower motif.

Poppy Chain
Chain 4. Join with slip stitch into a ring. Chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), dbl crochet 15 more times into the center of the ring and slip stitch into the first (chained) double crochet stitch.
Chain 1 and single crochet into the same stitch. *Chain 4 and single crochet into the second double crochet* repeat all the way around the circle for a total of 7 chain loops. Chain 4 and slip stitch into the first single crochet for the 8th chain loop.
Chain 1. *1 sc, 1 hdbl, 2 dbl, 1 hdbl, 1 sc* in each of the 8 chain loops. If you choose to join the motifs as you go, for the final 2 petals, line up the 4 double crochet stitches (2 in each petal) in the previous motif and when performing the double crochets in the current motif, place your hook through the previous double crochet stitches and work normally.
Cut the thread and pull through the last stitch. If you choose not to join as you go, leave a longer tail than you would normally so that you can use it to sew the motif to the previous motif. Hide any loose ends with a tapestry or yarn needle.

Because one ball of grace doesn't have enough for a very long scarf, I felt this needed something to secure it while wearing. You could use a button or a toggle or even a shawl pin. I chose to make a coordinating crochet button by making a magic circle, single crocheting 6 times into it, and single crocheting into each stitch for the second round. Then I thread my yarn through those six stitches and pulled them tight to form the tiniest little button ball. I sewed it to the very center of the final motif and it was just the right size to fit through any of the petal lace chain loops so the scarf could be warn in a number of ways.

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