Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 65 and the Topsy Tail

Does anyone remember this thing? It was a tool that was mostly known in the late eighties and early nineties which was used for styling ponytails. You would make a basic ponytail, then thread your topsy tail through the tail in whatever direction pleased you. When you threaded your ponytail through the loop and pulled the tool out, you had a twisted hairdo that looked a bit like Belle from Disney's version of Beauty and the Beast.

That's where this idea came from. Twisting a piece of fleece through itself made tufts of thick areas and pinched areas that appeared smaller.

Cut a piece of fleece as long as you want and about 12 inches wide. Every 9 inches, cut a 1.5 inch slit vertically though the center of the fabric's width. When you've cut all your holes, begin doing the topsy tail maneuver. Keep the top secure so your moves stay consistent. Thread the entire scarf from front to back through the slit. Pull until it's as far through as it will go. Do this with each slit all the way down the scarf. Fluff the wider parts and enjoy!

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  1. So cool! I had one of those hair thingies only it never worked. Ever. I am so bad at doing hair. :(


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