Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 70 and Fairy Dust

Do you ever see photographers who specialize in child photographs and make little fairy scenes with wings and wands and whimsical whathaveyou?

I was actually trying to gather all my threads and yarns and bits of tulle and bits of fleece and find a way to use them all up. It took me minutes. Literally. When the idea struck, I completed this scarf in under ten minutes. Cutting the bits into lengths and a foot and a half (that's half a meter) longer than I wanted the scarf, I tied very simple overhand knots at regular intervals to keep all the bits together. As a result of my fiber and color choices, the result is a rainbow fairy scarf. This picture is terrible so you can't really see the tulle, but it mellows the bright rainbow yarn and there are also some bits of ribbon to drape around. I'll likely fiddle and fluff this up over and over before I'm completely happy. Possibly that's a positive statement about this kind of scarf. It's never really permanent.

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  1. This will be a good project for me and my 6-year-old niece to do together when she comes to visit next month. (I just have to remember not to send *all* of my yarn away!)


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