Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 74 and Necessity

On a whim because Kevin and I both had two days off in a row, we decided to pack up an overnight bag and spend an evening and a morning with my parents and younger brother. I even packed up enough yarn and tools to make scarves for today as well as for tomorrow. It turned out that it was the one bag I didn't pack in the car.

Thankfully, my mother has always been the crafty type and there was a huge bulk of yarn scraps and many of them were already formed into these little yo-yos. Mom wasn't planning on doing anything at all with them because they were slightly curled around the edge. Some easy chaining and free form crocheting offered up this result. I love the completely random colors and the many different sizes! I'll have to do something like this again with circles of my own design.

Also, wow. I don't think I've yet come this close to missing my deadline! Yikes. Soldier on, Craft Colonel!!

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  1. Phew! That was a close shave! Love the results though, Another very original scarf. Well done!


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