Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 and The Basic Garter Stitch

It seems fitting that the first scarf is a technique in which I consider myself fluent. This knitted scarf is made in the most basic garter stitch. Following is the exact pattern with some suggested changes.

215 yds Aquarius brushed chunky-- This yarn is as far as I can tell no longer on the market. A nearly identical substitute would be Lion Brand Jiffy
Size 11 needle (8 mm)
Yarn needle
Optional Crochet hook for fringe
Gauge is not important for this scarf

Cast on 20 sts. Knit every row until desired length or you run out of yarn!
Alternately, cast on as many stitches as needed for the width you'd prefer.

You may notice that I chose to use a needle that was 2 sizes larger than recommended for this yarn. This is because I have always felt that garter stitch is a rather tight fabric and doesn't give very much drape. I prefer to have my scarf hang nicely around my neck and shoulders and using a larger needle is one way to achieve that.

Now, I know I'm not challenging myself with this one, but come on now! It's my first day! I've got to ease myself into it! Fear not; as the year wears on, you'll find the scarves to vary a great deal.

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