Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 24 and the Scrapper

PUNK! Emo? I'm not really sure what this could be called, but it's as deconstructed as a t-shirt could possibly get! This is an excellent first project for a beginning sewist with a rocker's spirit. Your rebelling teen would actually be proud to wear this crazed, messy scarf. (Also I wish I too was cool enough to wear it)

Cut up a couple old crummy t-shirts into chunks. They don't have to match and they don't have to be neat cuts. Overlap the edges. Sew the pieces together using some of the weirder utility stitches that are available on your machine. A bunch of different hem stitches are usually on even beginner model sewing machines. If you sew on top of the fabric instead of an edge you get stitches that look like lightning bolts, a heart monitor line, a sawtooth wave. Use thread that completely contrasts the fabric.

When all the pieces are sewn together, embellish by sewing at strange angles through the fabric right over your other stitches. Change the thread color if you're so inclined and sew even more criss-crossing lines. Stick a couple safety pins or kilt pins in that sucker and tack a few band badges all around. Radical.

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  1. Your inspiration knows no bounds! How do you keep coming up with all these great ideas?


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