Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22 and the Cord Braid

If you aren't adept at knitting, you can still knit. There's a funky little tool called a spool or a french knitter. It's often a cute little guy and vintage and antique ones are quite collectible. Click here for a glace at a real cutie.

It's a very easy technique and it's often the way young children first begin knitting.

This scarf requires 7 cords and each of the cords must be at least 7 feet long for the end scarf to be a decent length. Hold all 7 cords together and with a spare piece of yarn wrap them tightly together about 2o times. Tie a small knot and hid the knot inside the wrapped yarn.

Braid them together. If you haven't made a 7 strand braid, just think of it like regular weaving. Over under over under over etc. When you've run out of cord wrap the ends just like at the beginning. If your ends are uneven, unravel your cord until it's the right length and tie it off again. Hide the threads down the centers of the cords.

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