Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 26 and the Tidy Scrapper

Maybe insanity isn't for you. I had a couple old sweatshirts that haven't been getting any love in a long long time. They deserve a second chance as a nice scarf. Just like the Scrapper scarf, you can use bits and pieces from any shirts that you happen to have, but this time you will actually be cutting them into nice neat rectangles just like the Double Faced Flannel.

The length of the rectangles doesn't matter as long as the width remains the same. That width should be twice as wide as you want the finished scarf. Cut as many as you need in as many lengths as you please and as many colors as you have. If you have characters or words on some of your scraps, take care to align the images so that when the scarf is worn, the images are right side up. The bottom edge of the image should be closer to an end of the scarf rather than the middle.

Line up the matching widths of the pieces with the right sides facing each other. Sew a seam (anything from a cm to an inch. Whatever you're comfortable with). Open the fold and align another piece of fabric and seam. Keep going until you've used all your pieces.

Now, fold the very long piece of fabric in half long-wise (hot dog style) and line up the long edges. Sew the entire length and turn the item inside out. I used sweatshirts, so ironing wasn't going to do much, but if your fabric is cotton or linen, you might want to give it a light press at this point to tidy up the seam.

Just as you did for the double faced fleece, you'll need to clip the corners, turn in the edges and sew them shut. If you use sweatshirt, you'll want to leave about a centimeter unsewn on each edge. Most home machines just can't feed such a thick fabric and you'll get a nicer seam by stopping short at both ends.

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