Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 15 and the Stockinette Cowl

This is a very speedy knit that you could make for a gift in one evening if you're a fast knitter and 2 if you're slow. Either way, you'll have it finished before the giftee's birthday.

6 oz fingering weight yarn or double knit held double
Size 13 circular needle (16 inches or smaller)
Tapestry needle.

CO 100 stitches. Join into a circle.
Knit every round for 20-25 rounds or until you're happy with the width.
Cast off and darn in the ends.

Keep in mind that a plain stockinette will roll quite a lot at both ends. If you use an acrylic, there will be nothing you can do. If you use a cotton or wool, you'll be able to block it out if you desire. Choose your yarn carefully based on the look you'd prefer. As for me, I usually prefer a cowl that's more snug, so you'll be seeing a few more as I practice making my own perfect cowl.

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  1. I like the stockinette curl for something like this, it sets off the cowl. Really quick and easy project!


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