Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13 and Snowflakes

I had a different scarf planned for today, but when Kevin commented that it looked like a bunch of snowflakes, I had to use it right away to honor the first big snowstorm of the year here in Northeast Ohio!

Here is a scarf based on a stitch in Stitchionary 4: Crochet. The name of the stitch is "shell and bobble" although I don't really see the bobble and I did make a couple minor changes.

Head over to your crafting library (or your local library if you don't already own this book) and turn to page 138.

Changes to the pattern:
-Rows 1 and 3 were completely ignored. I didn't feel I needed the extra height or the need to even out the chained areas.
- Instead of working rows, I worked in the round. This did not change the pattern at all and it still looks nice even on the underside.
- I had to write my own corner area and it is as follows.

The chain at the end of what is called row 2 (chains and dcs) shall be treated as an extra stitch.
--At the turning point of row 4 work an additional 3 (ch1, tr 1) into the extra stitch, then ch 1 and continue to the other side. At the end of row 4 do the same thing and slip st into the 4th turning chain from the beginning of the row.
--At the turning point of row 5, continue the pattern using the center extra tr as the anchor point and working 5 dtr instead of 4. At the end of the row, do the same thing and slip st into the first sc.
--At the turning point of row 6, continue the pattern with 4 clusters instead of 3. At the end of row 6 do the same thing and slip into the first sc.

Keep your chains a little bit looser for all the turning areas and good luck! Feel free to contact me via twitter ( ) or email ( ) if you need help with this pattern adjustment.

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  1. I love this! It's so delicate looking. Perfect to set off a fancy outfit for a wedding or formal event. Absolutely gorgeous.


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