Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27 and the Keyhole Stripper

Shocking! Not really. In the last few posts I took repurposed fabric and used it as you would any normal fabric. This time I have taken the fabric and turned it into yarn.

This scarf is made of t-shirts which have been cut into inch wide strips and knitted. It does require a bit of extra work since you have to make the yarn as well as knit with it, but because the stitches are so large and a single yard covers a great amount of real estate, you'll be happy to know it won't take nearly as long as you might be guessing right now.

This particular scarf required the lower half of 3 t-shirts. The upper half of the shirts (the part with a neck and armholes) are mere scrap to be reused some other way. Each scrap was cut into inch long strips across the body so that long loops were formed. The loops were snipped so they were just lengths and the ends were knotted together. I used a square knot, but if you know many knots and another would be more attractive, go for it.

I didn't use a pattern and I didn't keep track of my method since this is one of those untidy and meant to be sort of styles. I do know that I cast on 9 stitches using a 35 needle and when it came time for the keyhole, I used knots to tie on the next strand and knots to tie off the ends as well. I did this mostly in Stockinette, but added a garter row here and there to help with some of the curling.

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