Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 and Wide Ribs

I. love. ribbed scarves. First you saw the 1x1 rib, yesterday was mistake rib which is a type of 2x2 rib and today you see a classic 3x3 rib. And truly any number by any number will make a darned handsome ribbed scarf.

For this exact scarf:
1 pound worsted weight yarn
size 15 needles
tapestry needle for ends
Yarn is held double throughout.

CO 30 (or any number divisible by 6)
Every row: K3, P3 across until you're happy with the length.
Cast off in 3x3 ribbing and sew in your ends. EASY!

Giant needles like this make this a speedy knit, and because the stitches are so large, this is a prime scarf for adding buttons. You don't need any button holes, just fit the buttons through the stitches wherever you feel it looks nice that particular day.

Are you burnt out on ribbing yet? I'm NOT but tomorrow I'll change it up anyway.


  1. Tell me: on a scale of one to ten, how ill-advised is it of me to have started following this scarfy saga with almost completely non-existent prior yarn/knitting knowledge, partly with the aim of seeing how long this takes to synthesize and actually start making sense to me?

  2. Head on back to days 3 and 4! Those 2 projects require no prior skills to begin with. If you feel like learning Knit and crochet, you know who to call :)

    And in any case, I'm happy to have people following along just to keep me honest.


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