Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 and the Sideways Single Crochet

Here we have a fantastic way to use up all your yarn scraps. As little as 15 yards can be used for a single row. Small bits that might not otherwise be used at all could be a lovely accent color among the other stripes.

Total yardage between 200-300 yds
Worsted weight, aran weight, and light worsted can all be used effectively
Size J crochet hook (or the size appropriate for the thickest yarn you plan on using)

Chain 201.
First row: Single crochet in second chain of hook and each chain across. Cut yarn as long as you would like the fringe and pull through the final loop.
Second and all following rows: Choose a new yarn, leave a tail for the fringe. Create a slip knot and place it on your hook. Single crochet in every stitch. Cut yarn and pull through final loop for fringe.
Continue until the scarf is as wide as you would prefer.

You may find your fringe is not as full as you would like. Use your crochet hook and looped bits of extra yarn to fill it out. Match your colors or use even more mismatched bits.

This particular scarf is on the stiff side as single crochet tends to be. Depending on your choice of fibers, blocking or washing your scarf can help ease some drape into it.

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  1. I'm doing it! I think I'm about halfway through as of this writing. I'm only using two different colours of the same yarn at the moment, but I might dig around my stash to see what else might go with it. Thanks for the inspiration Amanda!


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