Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 122 and Socks

Sock yarn is wonderfully resilient and many brands have a little bit of elastic or nylon for stretch. I think it gives a lovely bouncy feel to the yarn that needn't be over worked.

This scarf is a very easy stockinette stitch strip made from sock yarn. The stitches are smaller than most of the scarves I've done so this is one project you couldn't fit in just a day. I always have a couple projects going at a time so I'm sure I'll have something to show off the next day. I did a bit of garter stitch on each edge and while I could block this flat, I think the way the garter causes it only to fold and not to curl is rather attractive and even emulating a rugby scarf. (I don't think it's an actual term, but it's what I use. To me it means a scarf that exactly matches a rugby sweater and they usually come as a set)

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