Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 127 and Sakura

Sakura means cherry blossom tree. The lovely light pink petals bloom heartily in Japan and are celebrated during the spring with many festivals and parties and in this case, a scarf.

Sometimes what would otherwise be a very plain scarf is made extremely special with small enhancements. I've used very tiny appliques to represent the blossoms and simple embroidery for the branches. I think it's beautiful and am very proud of how it turned out.

Size J hook
Fingering or Dk weight yarn: 3oz. white, scant amounts of black and pink (I used an unlabeled yarn with a slight halo and if I made this scarf again, I would definitely choose another haloed yarn)
Tapestry needle

Begin by chaining 28. DC (dbl crochet american) into the 4th chain from hook and each chain across. *Chain 3, turn, DC in second stitch and every stitch across.* Repeat until the scarf is the length you prefer or until you've run out of white yarn.

Blossoms: Make a magic circle, chain 2, SC (sngl crochet american) into the center 5 times. tighten the circle, slip stitch to join a ring, and tie off. Make between 7 and 12 of these depending on how dense you wish your blossoms to be.

Using black yarn, stem stitch branches on one side of the scarf. Sew the blossoms to the branches focusing on the places where the branches split and the very ends of the branches. I like to leave a couple blossoms unattached to look as though they have come free and are floating to the ground.

Sew in all loose ends.

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