Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 149 and Color Wheel

I don't do much color work and I've been working on rectifying it! Right now, I'm still not very secure in my abilities, but I thought maybe this would be a logical early entry.

Primary colors red, yellow, and blue are supposed to be able to combine to create a nearly complete color spectrum. I held the yarn double for each of the solid portions and held one yarn of each color for the mottled areas. A thinner yarn would have given a better effect, but I work with what I've got. The very thick fabric wasn't much for draping so I chose to keep it short and snug. 2 worsted weight yarns held together make for a very warm mouth, chin and nose covering for a cold outing. This scarf... uh... cowl? hmmm... muffler? Well anyway, this wearable color wheel will be keeping someone's face very warm come winter time. :)

I do happen to notice that the blue are red make the most convincing purple and the red yellow make the least convincing orange. I might have to do some research into ratios of color when held together.

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